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Cinemall aims to be the industry leader in providing device-specific platforms for viewers to shop their favorite TV shows. Cinemall also strives to empower innovative leaders across broadcast networks, streaming services, product placement agencies, branding & manufacturing industries, to build & expand upon new revenue streams, not only from TV shows, but from all content, across all internet-connected devices.

Cinemall creates new revenue by bridging the virtual world with reality, making it easy to click & buy anything you see on TV or within any streaming content. The Cinemall experience works seamlessly on personal devices, computers and smart TVs while watching Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, CBS, NBC. For the viewer, Cinemall is a next-generation shopping experience. For content providers, Cinemall is the maximization of monetizing TV series’, movies, documentaries, reality TV and commercial ads.

Cinemall’s technology enables the integration of products, brands and services directly into the content (films, TV shows, commercials, etc.) and all platforms such as websites, mobile, tablets, browsers and Smart TVs. Our proprietary technology allows forward-thinking corporations to reach financial objectives with speed, precision and flexibility on planning, execution, launch of a 24-hour, full monetization opportunity for content, brands and services on this new approach to advertising, distribution and revenue for all partners of the Cinemall network. Cinemall has recently launched in Brazil, and will soon expand to the United States during Q2 2017.

The Team

CinemallTec LLC (a.k.a. Cinemall), based in Santa Monica, California, collaborates with leaders in Smart TV application development, television broadcast, streaming content providers, motion picture production, branding & retail sales, to explore new technology channels which have only recently become possible. Essentially, Cinemall makes TV shows, movies, documentaries and commercial ads “shoppable” in real time, with an interactive, real-time “watch & shop” platform that runs on all internet-connected devices to monetize content.

Dr. Artem Belov

Co-Founder & Director

Dr. Artem Belov is an entrepreneur, technical expert & active investor in many companies. Artem’s investments are spread across multiple industries, including textiles, motion pictures, e-commerce and other software Startups. Artem’s film credits, as an Executive Producer of feature films include NEPHILIM (2016) and GOING BONGO (2014).

Artem currently resides in Vienna, Austria, with his wife and two daughters. Artem’s current activities include Director & advisor of CinemallTec LLC in Santa Monica, California and Managing Director of BelArt Holding & Trade GmbH, in Vienna.

Gilbert Nash

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Gilbert Nash is the lead Manager of Cinemall, an experienced systems engineer, entrepreneur and producer of motion pictures & television series. Previous to Cinemall, Gilbert served as the managing director of film production companies in London, until 2014. Educated at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo & The Academy of Art University’s Motion Picture & Television Production School, in San Francisco, Gilbert’s film credits as Executive Producer include the feature documentary BACK ROADS (2007) and feature films’ STAR CHILD (2007) and YOU, ME, LOVE (2009).

Parallel to co-building Cinemall, Gilbert has recently completed production of the feature film NEPHILIM (2016) and two animated TV shows SAM SUMO (2017) and TIME LEAP (2017). In addition to media production, Gilbert has worked as an executive producer of American TV episodes of ‘Only in L.A.’ (2005), ‘Entertainment Today Television’ (2006) and ‘On the Road’ (2006). He is also known for lending his voice to the popular animated TV series LETTERS FROM FELIX (2002), and feature films FELIX (1), THE WORLD TRAVELLING HARE (2005) and FELIX 2, THE HARE AND THE TIME MACHINE (2006) with Italian Director Giuseppe Laganà. Gilbert has also played a supporting role in the Austrian feature film, AINOA (2005) with director Marco Kalantari.

Anselmo Martini

Senior VP Global Marketing

Anselmo Martini is an experienced executive-level professional & Attorney-at-Law, educated at the Pace Law School in New York. As the CEO and Founder of The Monarca Group in Los Angeles and Monarca Films, in Brazil, Anselmo has worked as a Global Strategic Planner with the WPP Group (the largest media & advertising group in the world), Young & Rubicam, Wunderman and others, representing major clients such as Citibank, LexusLexis, and HBO.

Anselmo has extensive legal experience as an attorney in Brazil, New York & Los Angeles representing major corporations, as well as training on the U.S. Court of Appeals 2nd Circuit. Anselmo’s experience and knowledge in the areas of International business, legal, marketing, licensing, technology, brand & entertainment, provides a well-matched skill-set to identify new opportunities, negotiate, develop and assist clients & corporate partners of Cinemall. Anselmo’s credibility, professional demeanor and consistent determination leads him to naturally establish trust with entertainment Industry professionals around the globe, while continually driving to achieve the realization of ideas that bring people together and create new value.

Ron Turner

Chief Technical Officer

Ron is responsible for product development and delivery at Cinemall and joins the team with 30+ years of experience in the Finance, Medical and Custom Software industries. He has led software design teams for clients like NBC, TD Bank, National Australia Bank, the Toronto Stock Exchange, Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) and Medtronic. Ron brings to Cinemall a talent and vision for solving problems through the innovative application of technology. He holds a BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Toronto.


Leah C. Nadolski

UX & Creative Director

With more than fifteen years as a design professional and over a decade focusing on the User Interface Experience, Leah Nadolski’s purview includes creative direction and management. In Leah’s extensive experience with complex projects she has assisted and provided leadership to teams, to identify technical considerations necessary for getting a UI “in place and performing well”, providing guidelines and auditing during UI implementations, to ensure the highest levels of quality. Within a wide-range of freelance and consulting projects, Leah has made notable contributions to clients, including organizations like Harvard Medical School Labs & Biogen, to many lesser-known Startups, such as LP33.tv and Paint Nite. An avid believer in life-long learning, Leah has also designed an intensive online course regarding the “ins-and-outs” of Mobile UI/UX Design.

As an NYU graduate with her first career in music composition /songwriting, performance, and production, Leah co-managed an independent label, including all aspects of creative direction, media relations, and media presence. Leah also holds further education in the area of business law within a UCLA Extension program, and a Masters-level degree in the area of English.

André Castilho

Director of New Business – Brazil

André Castilho graduated with an Integrated IT Technical Education from The São Paulo Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology (IFSP). André holds certificates in Balanced Scorecard by HBS, Innovation Management by Veduca University of São Paulo, Design Thinking by São Paulo School & Strategic Management by ENAP, and Leadership, Interpersonal Intelligence & Effective Communication (Positive Mental Attitude) by The Napoleon Hill Foundation. André has also hosted a TV show about business entrepreneurship in the city of São Paulo and created the Agile Innovation methodology called “Startômetro”, validating 12 startups.


Having recently launched pilot programs in São Paulo, Brazil & Los Angeles, CA., Cinemall aims to expand its range of full-services to approximately 10 new partners during 2017.

Founded in 2009, Söks provides Information Technology services to companies such as Rede Globo, Santander, Valeo do Brasil, Sara Lee, Johnson & Johnson, Philips, BankBoston, Telefônica and Bristol-Myers Squibb. With a focus on proximity between manufacturers, importers, stores & distributors, to consumers, Söks effectively reduces costs by creating virtual marketplaces and enabling digital franchises.

Broadcasting since 2007, Rede Brasil de Televisão (RBTV) brings an innovative TV culture to new audiences. A segmented, regionalized high-quality delivery of programming based on ethics, transparency and social responsibility, RBTV reaches all regions of Brazil with a coverage area greater than 500 cities via UHF and VHF as well as cable channels, to reach the equivalent to 20 million homes. With an intense focus on social inclusion. RBTV aims for an interaction with local and low-income communities, to deliver the highest quality technologies.


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