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Cinemall is a new and revolutionary
shopping platform for today’s tablets, phones & smart TVs.

Items from your favorite TV shows and movie scenes are available for purchase with just a few clicks. This is the future of TV!

Real Time Products

Cinemall is an exhilarating next-generation shopping experience. Shop items you see onscreen as you watch your favorite TV shows and movies from an enable service.

Across All Devices

Cinemall makes it easy to add items you see onscreen to your shopping bag while you watch on the go, whether on desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

Watch & Shop Anytime

No need to navigate away to another site to checkout. Checkout anytime while you watch or at the end of a show, then keep on going.

No Forced Advertisements

Use the Cinemall control to expand the side menu and “quick add” items to your cart while you watch, or simply select an item to automatically pause the video and view the full listing.

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Meet the Team

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Dr. Artem Belov

Co-Founder & Director

Gilbert Nash

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Anselmo Martini

Senior VP Global Marketing

Ron Turner

Chief Technical Officer

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